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A Jenzabar Foundation Grant Success! – From Caldwell University

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Caldwell University Students Exercise Passion into Action through the DREAMS Leadership Program

Founded in 1939 by the Sisters of Saint Dominic, Caldwell University (CU) strives to promote intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic growth in a diverse community. Upon these principles, Caldwell created a daring new program.

In the spring of 2015, a grant from the Jenzabar Foundation allowed Caldwell University to launch the Dominican Republic Education Abroad Mentoring Student (DREAMS) Leaders Program, a short-term study abroad program that combines classroom lessons with service learning.

“In an increasingly globalized society, students can experience learning and living in another country, while deepening their understanding of economic, political, international, and cultural issues,” the DREAMS Leaders Program affirms.

For one semester, program participants study Dominican culture, the impact of global inequality on life chances, explanations for global poverty, and dependency and modernization theories. Then, students travel to the Dominican Republic for eight days and collaborate with Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) faculty and local guides to learn about the country first-hand while serving locals.

“It is one thing to hear about it, but it’s a whole different feeling experiencing it first-hand,” said one student participant. The students interact with locals in both the city and country and plant trees to reforest devastated areas outside the capital city. Back in the states, the students continue to serve through a Habitat for Humanity project.

A testament to its success, 100% of the inaugural participants said they would recommend the DREAMS Leaders Program to a friend. As one student participant said, “it really opened our eyes to what occurs in our world today, and has been happening for years now.” The program’s innovative and comprehensive approach towards education and service is sure to change lives for years to come. Visit Caldwell’s study abroad webpage to learn more about the DREAMS Leaders Program.


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